About Us

About Us

We are an ISO 22000 company, A first of its kind which delivers best kind of fresh made lamb products to your doorstep. The Company brings to you the finest and most authentic tastes of goat curries from all over India with spices and herbs from the local regions. We have a cumulative experience of 25 years behind us in the food Industry in R&D and product development.

The emphasis mainly is on the sourcing of right kind of goat meat from authentic sources, keeping in mind the correct goat size and cuts for gravies. The spices, herbs etc. are also sourced directly from the top end vendors to keep flavors and aroma intact.

Specific methods and recipes are incorporated and repeated over and over again to deliver that final non changing taste at every purchase. Proper documentation ensures traceability of problem (if any), backwards.

The chefs and staff are educated on the subject and qualify the minimum degree required to suit the job.
The machines and the equipment are high end to ensure best results.
A reverse osmosis water plant ensures proper TDS of water always steady for cooking.
The UV filtration ensures elimination of bacteria which may sometime remain even after cooking with normal tap water.
The storage of raw material is totally hygienic and planned, not to exceed shelf life.

We welcome you aboard to a wonderful experience.

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